Dave Guarino

about evergreen notes

about evergreen notes

I've created a new category of posts on this site.

These are "evergreen" notes: thoughts and ideas I've had for some time, that I return to time and again, and which I'd like to flush out and continue to improve upon over time. This is influenced by the idea of "digital gardens" that many have adopted, and which I'd now like to have.

These will can be found in the /notes section of this site with the tag "evergreen".

Another ambition in doing this: to reduce the activation energy required to put up such a note.

And so all of these evergreen notes are written in the Obsidian note-taking application. Obsidian writes markdown files to a sub-folder of this site, which is otherwise an Eleventy site. And I have a bit of custom glue code for convenience (for example, auto-generation of page URLs and date published so that I don't have that extra overhead.)

Hopefully this will lead me to post more, shorter notes. And also to return to kernels and flush them out more, add connected thoughts as they come, and more generally build up this site a bit more than it has been in the past.

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